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We have just implemented a new sub-section devoted to auctions. Check it out at AuctionWatch. It will have items, news and general Auction stuff from as many auction sites as we can be a part of. This is where AuctionWatch will hopefully help you out.

Feel free to search around and provide feedback. We have already implemented many suggestions put in by visitors. Happy Searching!

Plans for this site will include subject portals where you the public can be freed of the clutter and get relevant information in particular to your local areas. We provide the framework and intital content - you fill in the blanks and kick out the garbage - Coming Soon!

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ImageFunny News & Pets
In so much doom and gloom, it's good to take time put and look at some Funny News. Of course, nothing cheers you up like watching Funny Pets.

ImageTrain Models
There is a greate fascination with Train Models. Trainspotting and model trains are becoming quite populor as well amongst the younger generation. My old team leader runs a model train fair every year and people from around the country turn up. There are literally thousands of other such exhibitions and fairs around the world. Here are some searches including blogs for Train Models.Thought that was it? Check out the auctions as well - Train Model Auctions.

ImageClimate Changes
A topic in discussion a lot nowadays is that of Climate Change. Of particular attention to this topic in recent times is the documentary by Al Gore called An Inconvenient Truth.